Where to Buy (Old)

The beef and pork raised on our ranch is available from a variety of places, depending on your location.

Bay Area Customers

For customer's in the Bay Area, you can purchase on this website directly from Hay Mama for delivery on the Peninsula and in SF, or pickup in Portola Valley.



 Hay Mama Beef is available at Roberts Market in Portola Valley. You'll find our steaks and ground in the freezer section just above the ice.

You'll find a variety of our products at SF Raw in San Francisco, special items for your furry friend and human owner alike. SFRAW was founded in 2003 by an idealist with the goal to help animals, humans, and the environment by improving the health and wellness of all beings through nutrition and natural husbandry.

Montana Customers

For folks in Montana, our beef and pork is available through Cowgirl Meat Co. Depending on location, this can be pickup, delivery, or shipped to you.

All US Locations-Shipping Option

For customers interested in getting nutritious and delicious grass-fed beef shipped anywhere in the US, we recommend and are partnered with Blue Nest Beef. They are a premier provider for beef raised on ranches that follow our practices including never using hormones or antibiotics, 100% grass-fed, humanely raised, and environmentally sustainable. And all of their meat comes from ranches that are part of the Audubon Conservation Ranching program.