Hay Mama Pastured Raised Cattle Beef

Our Ranch

hay mama pasture beef

We are a three generation, family owned operation based out of Sweet Grass county in the southwestern corner of Montana. Through a dedication to our craft, our mission is to provide the highest quality grass fed beef and pastured pork while also fostering a keen and passionate effort in promoting sustainability and healthy biodiversity.

As they roam over 4200 acres on our ranch, our cattle live a truly stress free life. They drink from the mountain spring water that feeds the Boulder River Valley and graze in one of the most beautiful rangelands in the United States. Our cows are antibiotic free, never treated with growth hormones, and are 100% pasture raised.

By using regenerative grazing practices, our cattle serve as a critical tool in our mission of maintaining and improving our soil health. The well-being of our soil is directly connected to the biodiversity on our ranch, carbon content in our pastures, and so much more.

Our ranch is Audubon Conservation Ranching Bird Friendly certified, Western Sustainability Exchange certified, and American Grass Fed Association certified 100% grass fed. We are also 100% grown in Montana.